Humanity + AI = Otherworldly Results

At Supernatural AI, we combine human ingenuity and judgment with AI power and insights. Our approach harnesses the strengths of machines to power our humans.

We help marketers go faster and be more effective, leveraging our AI platform. We offer advertising and consulting services and license our platform to agencies and clients to power their own humans.

We take a no BS approach to AI.

The Superconductor

We developed a patent-pending tool to make AI easier to use, more insightful, approachable, effective, smarter AND faster for anyone making ads. We call it the Superconductor, because it removes friction and supercharges creativity.

The Superconductor helps advertisers and ad agencies answer their most pressing questions and take action.

How do I go faster?
How do I create more effectively?
How do I make sure that what I’m doing is as smart as it can be?
How do I stand out versus my competitors?
What interests people about me? How do I talk about it?
How is marketing changing? What do I do about that?
In my competitive set, who should I be worried about?
See the results for yourself


Ad Age National Small Agency of the Year
Adweek Top 5: Breakthrough Agency of the Year
Adweek National AI Innovators of the Year
2023 Gold Effie for Healthcare Services
2023 Silver Effie for Artificial Intelligence


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About us

Supernatural AI is becoming its own thing! Our AI-powered platform is now available for creators, clients, and agencies alike.

We most recently used it to develop a new brand campaign for U.S. Bank. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments and announcements on the horizon.